Woman’s Strip Search (DEMO)

The video clip of policemen while doing wrong strip searching procedure in poor women, allegedly their friend,  is one of the examples of how disrespectful the people in treating woman in this present time.  The video clip that received by ABS-CBN from former operative reap different reactions from the netizens.

Search Stip.jpg

I was enraged because what I saw in the video was not right, it was very wrong, according to Chief Senior Superintendent Rogelio Simon in his interview with radio DZMM.

strip 2.jpg

The right procedure of strip searches is that it must be conducted by right person and at right place. One of the police official claimed that the video happened sometime between December 2016 and January 2017.

The policemen involved have been already relieved from their respective posts and will be placed under restrictive custody at the Manila Police Head Quarter.

strip 3.jpgThe people of our time is?


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