Dennis Ang Uy (born 1973 or 1974) is a Chinese-Filipino businessman and diplomat who is a native of Davao City and is the founder of Udenna Corporation which has stakes in various businesses including Phoenix Petroleum.

Due to the current political status of our country, Dennis Uy, a business tycoon and one of the closest friend of President Rodrigo Duterte is now building a very huge empire. Buying spree that Uy made from the last 3-5 years is literally a good sign that he will surely dominates and will be considered as a big player in the Philippine Market. The unquestionable support of Country’s President in Uy’s business journey since then is quiet interesting.

Dennis Uy has successfully gathered the complete ingredients for successful business as he had now the major industries needed in the playing field of success such as oil, shipping, real estate, food, utilities, gambling to even telecommunications. Here are the lists of Uy Companies:

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. 2016
Udenna investments BV 2016
Davao Gulf Marine Services, Inc. 2016
Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. 2016
Ocean Star Shipping Corp. 2016
Starsy Shoppe, Inc. 2016
Dynamic Cuisine, Inc. 2016
Quality Metal & Shipworks, Inc. 2016
Chelsea Marine Manpower Resources, Inc. (CMMRI) 2016
KGLI-NM Holdings, Inc. 2016
Udenna Infrastructure Corp. 2017
Le Penseur Inc. 2017
PH Travel and Leisure Holdings Corp. 2017
Udenna Water Integrated Service Inc. 2017
Valueleases Inc. 2017
Clark Global City Corp. 2017
Aetos Air Philippines Inc. 2017
Lapu-Lapu Leisure Inc. 2017
Donatela Hotel Panglao Corp. 2017
Starlite Ferries Inc. 2017
Worklink Services Inc. 2017
Phoenix LPG Philippines Inc. 2017
Duta Inc. 2017
Kaparangan Inc. 2017
Enderun Colleges Inc. 2017
ADF Enderun 1010 Inc. 2017
Lapu-Lapu Land Corp. 2017
Global Gateway Development Corp. 2017
GGDC Holdings Inc. 2017
Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. 2018
TIPCO Asphalt 2018
Pos! 2018
Conti’s Holdings Corp. 2018
H2O Ventures Corp. 2018
PXP Energy Corporation 2018
Autostrada Motore Inc. 2018
Udenna Trade Corp. 2014
Udenna Tower Corp. 2014
Udenna Capital Inc. 2012
Udenna Energy Corp. 2018
Udenna Environmental Services Inc. 2010
Udenna Development Corp. 2010
Udenna Managements and Resources Corp. 2007
Phoenix Petroleum Holdings Inc. 2007
Phoenix Udenna Insurance Brokers Inc. 2007
Global Synergy Trade and Distribution Corp. 2007
Calaca Industrial Seaport Corp. 1996


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