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Discovering Southern Palawan

A 1-day itinerary for a quick tour of nearby islands from Buliluyan Port.As we are already in Southern Palawan, we don’t have to go up north to relax and enjoy the beautiful islands and beaches of Palawan. We have it right here in the South. But for those who are up for adventure in the South, there are a lot more to discover. And we start here. 😊We left Rio Tuba at 6am and hired a van to Buliluyan Port. (Reg Van Fare: P100; Estimated Time: 1 hour)From Buliluyan Port, we were fetched by hubby’s friend and we took the banca to Pandanan Island. We had our breakfast and prepared for the island tour.From Pandanan Island, we went to Canimeran Island or as Ex-Governor Baham Mitra wants it to be called now as Baham Island. We were lucky to have met him when we visited the island. The place is beautiful and it boasts of its colorful view underwater.❀️From Baham Island, we went to Patongong Island to have our lunch. They have a cottage there where we enjoyed our lunch and a bit of time to relax. It is surrounded by pandan and coconut trees which made it a perfect place to relax. It also has a wide swimming area and perfect sand beach.From Patongong Island, we went to Patawan Island. The island offers a vast area of crystal clear water perfect for swimming. Likewise, it has snorkeling areas and pandan tree canopy for relaxation. From Patawan Island, we had a side trip to Malinsuno Island where we bought drinks for some booze late that night and also lots of goodies from Malaysia! There is one store which offers Malaysian products from food, soap, softdrinks, noodles, cookies and many more. We went home adding 2-3 bags!πŸ‘πŸ»From Malinsuno, we went back to Pandanan Island to cap the night off and explore more of Pandanan as they also have beautiful beach front, swimming/ snorkeling and diving area.Pandanan Island has a great view of the sunset- perfect to end the day and project for some sunset photography sessions. We brought our tents and hammocks for camping and enjoy more of the sea breeze at night. We also had a bonfire to enjoy the island night life, plus drinks and music.Apart from the beautiful islands, we also learned a lot from the history and stories of the locals from the Galleon Trade, sunken chinese vessel with porcelain wares.Definitely, a must visit trip in Southern Palawan. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒCredits to our travel buddies, Doc Aldo, Christian and Mark (especially to his Samsung Note 8 phone!). Also to Juvy and her family and most especially to hubby who made all the arrangements.😊

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Below is the details of their tour:

❀BeLoveBack Island Tours❀
🌴 Balabac,Palawan🌴
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Tour A (Day Tour)
🌴Pandanan Island
🌴Canimiran Island
🌴Patonggong Island

πŸ‘§πŸ‘¨Tour Guide
🚀Motorized Boat

Van Fare going to Buliluyan Port

😊Day Tour😊
8:00AMβž–Pick up Time(Buliluyan Port)
Buliluyan-Pandanan Island
8-10AMβž–Snorkeling @Pandanan Island
10-12βž–Canimiran Island
12:00NN-Lunch 🍱
1-3PMβž–Patonggong Island
4-5PMβž–Departure Time

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