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Is $ORE a Buy!

ORE might be one of the next big things in the nickel ore industry in the Philippines, not to mention its future sustainable projects.  Having a steady supply of nickel ore resources and continuous practice of responsible mining operation in Southern part of Palawan,  the regular surge of revenue will be anticipated annually.

In 2017 annual report, the company presented a net income of 290.92%. It  went up to P287.68 from -150.68 million. Its reported gross revenue is 1.63 billion or 230% from 494 million in 2016. Its gross expense, however, also went up to P1.27 billion or 90% from P668 million in 2016. The smooth recovery of figures is a very good buy indicator for investors while the share price is considerably low.

Recently, its subsidiary, Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation acquired permission to operate for 25 years which started in 2007. The company has two operating mines; Pulot and Toronto Mine in Palawan.

20180430_213229The company is also gearing toward sustainable mining industry in Palawan. As an ISO certified company, its environmental, safety and community development performances even exceeded the expectations of members of regulating bodies who regularly monitoring the mining sites.

In fact, In the recent 38th National Convention of Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc (PCAPI) held at Bacolod, the Company garnered 3 environmental awards; 1) Success Story Award for 5.5 Ha Mangrove Restoration Efforts in Sitio Caramay, Pulot Shore Espanola,
2) Mother Nature Award and
3) Outstanding Pollution Control Officer (PCO) of Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAPI) for its PCO. Those awards are truly exceptional for such mining company that practices responsible mining in the Philippines.

The company delivers most of its nickel ore to China and Japan in response to the shortage of this commodity.

Is ore a buy? In my opinion, it is a Yes.


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$NOW FA and TA

NOW – Now Corporation: Fundamental Analysis
as of: 04/25/2018 03:21:13 PM

Earnings per Share (EPS): 0.00 (0.00%)
Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E): 0.00
Price to Book Value (P/BV): 7.6966292135
Return on Equity (ROE): 7.70%

Operating Revenue: 0
Other Revenue: 0
Total Revenue: 148.97M
Operating Expense: 131.91K
Other Expense: 0
Total Expense: 139.88M
Net Income: 6.29M (151.76%)

NOW – Now Corporation: Technical Analysis
as of: 04/25/2018

S1: 6.75 | R1: 7.82
S2: 5.23 | R2: 9.30

MA 20: 8.1160 (BEARISH) | EMA 20: 8.3411494929 (BEARISH)
MA 50: 10.6738 (BEARISH) | EMA 50: 8.7922347821 (BEARISH)
MA 100: 7.1939 (BEARISH) | EMA 100: 7.6575309458 (BEARISH)
MA 200: 4.82555 (BULLISH) | EMA 200: 5.9528232142 (BULLISH)

Short-term Trend: DOWNTREND

Year to Date %: 142.91%
Month to Date %: -16.36%



List of Philippine Stocks|Telecommunication and Information Technology Sector

Here are the list of Telecommunication  and Information Technology  (IT) sector listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). It is important to note that you can’t trade some of the stocks below because they were suspended for not complying of reportorial obligations etc. While other don’t have any available ask and bid price so far.

PSE Listed Telecommunication Sector

PSEi data stocks sectors

Col Financial Telecommunication Sector


Based on the above table, PTT and TLII, are not available for trade because they were suspended.

PSE Listed Information Technology Sector

IT sector PSE

Col Financial Information Technology Sector


Most of the listed IT companies had  already changed their primary purpose or created another division that could cater other products and services.

APL – On October 12, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Company’s change in name to APL as well as the change in primary purpose to that of a holding company.

DFNN – With the advent of the opening of the regulated gaming industry, both land-based and electronic in Asia, DFNN has created a division to cater to the needs of the Emerging Asian Gaming Industry. The Company is currently delivering innovative new game content through a wide array of products, systems, and solutions. DFNN’s subsidiaries include Pacific Gaming Investments, Pty. Ltd. for game development, HatchAsia, Inc. for management and technology expertise, and iWave, Inc for system integration software and technology development.

ISM – On November 11, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the amendment of the articles of incorporation of ISM to reflect its primary purpose as a holding company.

IMP –  was incorporated on September 5, 1969 primarily to engage in the mining and oil exploration business. In 2000, the stockholders of IMP approved the amendment of the Company’s primary purpose to the information technology business, providing products and services including the sales, distribution, maintenance, customization, and implementation of business application software, systems development and system integration services. In the same year, IMP pursued its new primary purpose by forming a corporation to operate educational centers.

IS – The new primary purpose of IS is to provide cargo container management and integrated logistics services. Its secondary purpose on the other hand, is the provision of information technology services.

JAS – On April 16, 2014, the SEC approved the Company’s change in corporate name to its present name. The Company subsequently moved to change the stock symbol to its current one effective May 13, 2014.

NOW – formerly Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc., was originally incorporated on June 5, 1996 as MF Schroder & Co., Inc. to engage in the purchase and sale of securities. On August 16, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in corporate name to the present one. The Company shifted its operations into telecommunications, media and technology.

The brands that the Company owns are “NowPlanet.TV”, which is a social business platform that enables enterprises, organizations and institutions to create, manage, and sustain their marketing and communications campaigns across multiple mobile devices; and “WebsiteExpress.Biz”, which is a one-stop shop website development service providing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises affordable and professional websites in five days.

At present, NOW’s subsidiaries are J-Span IT Services, Inc.; Porteon SEA, Inc.; I-Resource Consulting International, Inc.; I-Professional Search Network, Inc.; and Softrigger Interactive, Inc.

WEB – In 2003, the Company received a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation to launch e-Games Stations, which are Internet cafes exclusively dedicated to casino games. With technology provided by WEB, patrons can choose from more than 300 casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, various slot machine games, video poker and sports betting. There are currently 288 operating e-Games cafes across the country, majority of which are owned and operated by independent operators.

WEB’s subsidiaries include BigGame, Inc.; e-Magine Gaming Corporation; PhilWeb Asia-Pacific Corporation; PhilWeb (Cambodia) Ltd.; and Guam Sweepstakes Corporation, among others.

TBGI –  was incorporated on July 14, 1995 and started commercial operation in the first half of 1996, engaging in the business of public commercial radio, terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcast. TBGI is a duly-registered Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) enterprise and holds a 25-year Congressional Telecom Franchise for commercial telecommunications operations. TBGI does not have any subsidiary under it.

TBGI generates revenues mainly from Internet, Intranet, and local loop services subscriptions of schools, corporate private sector and government agencies. The Company sells data services to subscriber schools for Internet connectivity and virtual private network connectivity, and video uplink services to local and foreign TV channels. Data and video services are delivered from the TBGI earth station in Clark, Pampanga and transmitted via Apstar-6 satellite to receiving customer premises equipment units of clients. The Company has service experience with local Channels 4, 9, and 13, and international cable television program providers including an Egyptian channel and a Korea-based TV shopping network.

TBGI also owns and operates satellite facilities having separate buildings for transmitter and power generators at the 1.1-hectare area of former US Air Force Satellite Communication facility in CSEZ in Pampanga. TBGI’s integral facility, the Clark Development Corp. Broadcast Operations Center, houses 20 studios for media production, post-production and playback services.

The above information could be used as guide while investing in Telco and IT sectors in the Philippines. For more thorough details of the publicly-listed companies , please visit PSE  edge portal.

For those using COL Financial Account, you can access the information posted at Quotes>Market Information>Sectors.

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