NOW VS Noone

NOW Corporation (NOW) had been subjected to intensive hyping for the past few months and  it was considered as one of the most discussed and argued stocks by traders and investor even during  its bullish and bearish trend.  From 20 to 6.5 p/s,  it was still able to recover and maintain a strong support between 7 to 8 p/s. Not to mention its 2.8 p/s level last January.

Recently,  CEO of NOW Corporation and its Business Development Head had been active in posting news related to IT and Telco stuff of NOW such as their fiber air for business, regular meeting with IBM Global Executives and their new business customers and clients. Their extreme advertising effort is truly remarkable.

How about the possible contenders of NOW? Recently, DICT Secretary have disclosed potential bidders, namely; NOW Corp., Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Co. (PT&T), Converge ICT Solutions Inc., EasyCall Communications Philippines Inc. (ECP) and Transpacific Broadband Group International Inc. (TBGI). There is speculation that even Tier 1 from Davao is interested to join the bidding.


Nonetheless, for those companies competing for the third telco slot, only NOW Corporation is currently doing visible effort for investing public. In fact, based from the recent post of NOW CEO, the fiber in the air of the company will be expected soon all throughout the Manila.

Does the effort of NOW Corporation show how competent they are compared to the other Telcos? For me, it’s a yes.

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