$NOW V.S Might|The Grammar Scandal

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The fundamental of $NOW is really improving that is the real scenario. $NOW is starting to accumulate millions even without that 3rd telecommunication thing. I am quite excited to read news telling us who are the potential foreign partners of Ngayon as in $NOW.

Anyways, Here is the news headline posted by Philstar news journalist Ian Nicolas Cigaral.

“Gov’t MIGHT not name 3rd telco before Duterte SONA | Philstar.com

The word MIGHT reaped variety of reaction from investing public especially from the members of some Facebook Closed Group. Here are few of the comments.


“I’m expecting this kind of news this morning to counter the latest positive financial report and prevent this stock to rally. The word “Might” is misleading to those who will not digest the context”.

“lakas naman ng loob mag conclude nang reporter na yan.

” oo nga eh parang isa yan sa mga sasabihin ni presidente, gusto kaya ni dict mamura? haha i dont think so…”

“Hndi mapupuri c sec rio sa sona kpag hndi nya ngawan ng paraan maiannounce ang 3rd telco before sona 😂”

 “Hindi na mapupuri. mamumura pa 😀😂”
 According to writingexplained.org, MIGHT is used to express what is hypothetical, counterfactual, or remotely possible. For example:

If Mel win the bidding, I might buy a Ferrari.

Right away we notice that might deals with situations that are speculative or did not actually happen. 🙂

Moreover, Merriam-webstern dictionary explained that MIGHT is the past of may, or;
“might” could mean the ability to exert effort. 

Could our beloved President fulfill his promise? The answer is no one knows at this juncture.

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