B&P All Day Breakfast

An all-day breakfast restaurant, B&P serves good food in big servings.

Today, we tried B&P restaurant at the Cyberspace Alpha Ortigas branch. We tried the Don Malutong, Molo and Bangus Belly.

Don Malutong is a perfect blend of crispy pork belly, with adobo rice, egg and pickled relish. Must try!👌

The red molo’s broth is delicious. The dumpling’s too salty but overall, it’s ok.

We also tried their hot chocolate and strawberry lemon quench drink. The hot chocolate was too sweet but the strawberry was delicious.👌

The place is bright and has a beautiful interior. Definitely, a good recommendation when you’re at the Ortigas area.

Price and food choices in their menu 👇

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