DOF financial auction versus DICT beauty contest? Which one?

NOW Shareholders should not be too concerned about this governmental or bureaucratic process that is necessary to refine the selection of a new telecom player.

Both sides mean well.

It is foul to attack Sec Sonny or ActSec Eli personally for their chosen version. Make comment on the version, not the person. Both versions lead to the interests of the nation.

So which side do we take?


I take neither side; because long before any of these TORs were formulated, we already had and have been taking the side of the LAW that makes NOW Telecom already a telecom player or third player.

Their predecessors in government, meaning past administration, were so incompetent and corrupt that they denied us the due process of law, by not granting NOW the sufficient and competitive frequencies NOW already deserved.

Let me explain.

The eventual TOR that this administration is debating on concerns the newcomers the most, because they don’t have yet a mobile cellular telephony system (CMTS) license.

It is understandable that there is interest in this TOR from existing telecom companies or their listed/non-listed parent companies or the new companies with franchises granted by Congress.

Because without this CMTS license, an enfranchised telecom company can not be awarded with mobile frequencies. If NTC awards mobile frequencies to an entity without a CMTS license, that would be graft and corruption (key word: unwarranted benefit). So, the NTC and the Cabinet don’t award CMTS and frequencies based on whims and caprice — that’s why a fair, competitive and transparent TOR is needed.

So please understand where Sonny and Eli are coming from. You are able to see conflict because of they chose to be transparent. They want to do a perfect job but there is no perfect job, thus, the search for the right TOR that is close to perfect is debatable, and maybe, impossible.

But neither of them should forget that our company, NOW Telecom, already has a CMTS license and government is obligated to award us with sufficient and competitive frequencies whenever they are available.

In the public consultation of DICT held within the last two weeks, DICT and NTC were asked: (something like this) “why are you giving enormous frequencies to the new player but you are denying the one that already passed thru quasi-judicial hearings and deserve frequencies now?”

Answer: (something like this, anyway the proceedings were documented) “after this TOR for the new major player is formulated, and after a new major player has won the search, and after the new major player is awarded with the 250 MHZ frequencies, we shall look for new frequencies to award to the small telco and CMTS licensed holder.”


We heard that before.

You’re telling us that you would give frequencies, 250 MHZ, to the new comer who does not have a CMTS license, but would deny this company that already has a CMTS license? Is this because NOW is small?

Tell me, where in the law, the word “small” appears?

I mean where in the Constitution, the Telecoms law, the NTC rules and regulations, the Supreme Court decisions covering telecom and other related domains that denies NOW the frequencies it deserves because of its size?

By the way, compared to PLDT Smart and Globe, NOW is small. They are worth 150B or 200B or more — but we’ll get there.

(They were worth triple that before; in short, we are getting close to them as they are getting close to us. Focus on direction: where they were and where they are going, then do the same with NOW.)

Compared to the new comers, NOW is big and they are very small. But size, to the law, does not matter.

We’ve been cheated before and we know exactly what to do now — given that we have a President who knows the law and has no Favorites.

For the information of newcomers or latecomers in this business, or those wannabees who woke up one morning with a dream that he’s soon to be the Telco King, we say: there are existing laws in the awarding of frequencies, which includes due process and quasi-judicial hearings, among others.

In short, any new TOR is a concoction of the mind of individuals. But we are a republic governed by laws, not by men. Any manipulation of the legal processes will be subject to the present laws and regulations — unless amended.

One needs to know the following:

What are the present laws and regulations governing the awarding of CMTS license and frequencies?

What are the present jurisprudence governing this obligation of government and the granting of privileges, specifically CMTS license and frequencies?

What are the decisions of the Supreme Court from numerous cases that cover this particular act of granting licenses that become basis for the award of spectrum frequencies, which belong to the patrimony of the nation?

Does a TOR created by a department negate all these laws and regulations?

Once these questions are answered, you will be led to the right TOR, one that is legally valid and could stand the test of the law.

NOW Telecom does not need any of these new TORs to operate. New telco companies need a TOR just to enter the industry, among their first baby steps.

We are an existing and operating telecom company with happy and paying customers, who enjoy GUARANTEED Broadband service, with committed minimum speed.

Although we have few frequencies for mobile cellular phone and data service, compared to PLDT’s 430 MHZ and Globe’s 340 MHZ, we will announce our project with the TOP global telecom supplier, who would work with us to build the newest, latest and modern mobile cellular phone and data service with, again, GUARANTEED service, this time, to mobile subscribers. (Please just be patient. We’re coming. We need you though to fight a common battle. Will explain below.)

No telecom company today offers guaranteed service with a committed minimum broadband speed.

Not Smart, not Globe. Only NOW.

(Kindly, if you need, visit to our website and check the NTC random test.)

We, meaning you and I who own NOW, do not need to be caught in this mess called the Battle of the TORs.

Our next step is to fight for a level playing field. PLDT Smart has 420 MHZ and GLOBE has 340 MHZ, NOW only has 20 MHZ.

We need a level playing field. We don’t need to be number 1 in the industry; we just need to stay in the game and be the industry’s fastest growing company in terms of percentage of growth.

(Kindly compare our 2015, 16, 17, mid 18 numbers; we are already number 1 in terms of percentage of growth; although the numbers are small, we are getting there! Help us fight this battle.)

There is time for everything. Let government do what they need to do. We, too, as private citizens — given our rights and privileges inherent in our franchise and licenses — should do what we need to do.

I assure you, we are at least 15 years ahead in this game — we know how it plays out, or at least we claim that we know.

But we’re still standing, right? So hang on, and let’s continue to trust that this government is really different from those of the past.

Stay in the game.

Stop attacking people on social or traditional media.

(Don’t attack Sonny; he is solving bigger problems for us. Pray for Eli; he might resign. Eli, please don’t take things personally; You have served this nation as a soldier, an officer and a gentleman. No one questions your integrity; this is just part of the process. I know you say you are too old for this, but we need competent people who matured in government and private sector to set the stage for the next generation).

Final word to NOW Shareholders:

If we lose, we win. If we win, we win big time.

We’ll be deliberate in haste.

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